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Douglas Derby - Owner
Gasoline, especially grades that contain ethanol, will readily absorb water from the humidity that is present in the air in your gas tank.
We recommend using 91-octane, ethanol-free gasoline.  When storing equipment for over 30-days, we recommend draining the gas completely, or running the equipment out of gas.
Aviation fuel is also a great long-term option for equipment that may sit in storage.  It is readily available at our local airport.  Just take your gas cans.
Welcome to Sturgis ATV LLC !
Established in January of 2010, we have been in the city of Sturgis since January of 2014.  
We are here to serve your ATV, and UTV needs.


We will be closing-out all of our small-engine inventory, with inventory elimination prices as we go.  Once it is gone, we will not be ordering in those parts.

As we continue to grow our ATV and UTV inventory, we are striving to maintain a good inventory of air filters, oils, Polaris oil change kits, batteries, etc.  We have some of the UTV mirrors with bar clamps, and will try to stock some of the street-legal accessories, as well as off-road accessories as well.  

See us for:
* KN oil filters
* Yamalube
* Honda GN-4 Engine Oil
* Kawasaki 10w-40 oil
* Air Filters
* Polaris Oil Change Kits
* Lug Nuts
* Axle Assemblies
* Axle DIY Boots
* Brake Pads

Most of the time, we can get your ATV or UTV in for oil changes within one business day.  We ask that you be able to leave it for service and pick it up when we call you.  We do not have a waiting area, and cannot allow customers into the shop work area while service is being performed.